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First International Conference on India-First ITDev
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The Agenda at Glance

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May-2022 -
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May-2022 -

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May-2022 -

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Our mission is to organize the world's information and make it accessible and useful.

Initiated by Mr. Dev Kumar Thappla Why AndamanDEV?

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It is here where


Join us at the world’s first Technology Event conceptualized with an aim to promote Tourism and Technology under a single roof.

Why AndamanDEV

AndamanDEV is the premier technology event organized to connect IT professionals, Software com­panies, Students, and Technology-driven aspirants around the world. It is also a centralized platform enabling business people, global industry leaders, and speakers from higher-ranked firms to meet each other, exchange and share knowledge about the advent of technologies, and its intervention in day-to-day applications. An investor can gain an understanding of the most executive marketing channel for busi­nesses and driving factors for futuristic user requirements. This event is organized in Andaman and Nicobar Islands on selected event arrangement spaces that are well-equipped with systems and equipment required to conduct the events successfully.

Andaman DEV Event


The Innovative IT Conference intends to bring together a multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers, eminent academicians, enthusiastic students, and business delegates from all over ...

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AndamanDEV Event

Stage & Setup

To be a go-to source for understanding technology, business strategies, opportunities, and meet the expert persons in similar sector.

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Andaman DEV Event


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Andaman DEV Event

Live Demo

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Technical Discussions and Collaborations.

The Innovative IT Conference intends to bring together a multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers, eminent academicians, enthusiastic students, and business delegates from all over the world to present and exchange breakthrough technology inventions providing cutting-edge solutions and its intervention in day-to-day applications. AndamanDEV extends a red carpet to welcome the top industrialists, tech-savvy individuals, and speakers from successful companies sharing their experiences, ideas, knowledge, and playing the role of a catalyst to drive future investments in IT.

Live Subjects

Artificial Intelligence

Smart Cities

AR+VR= Mixed Reality

Data Science

LABS for Industry 4.0

The togetherness of Technology with centralized knowledge sharing desk, a group of decision makers, management, business and users, data scientists, developers, and IT professionals will educate themselves and collaborate to build the coming next strategies and solve their most pressing technology issues.

Meet and Greet the Industry Experts

The Innovative Technology Conference intends to provide a plethora of business opportunities, research possibilities, effective marketing channel for future investments, and unparalleled access and limitless prospects to new markets in the dynamically expanding Technology Ecosystem in the enchanting Jewel of the Indian Ocean, The Andamans .

AndamanDEV is a prestigious event organized with a motivation to provide an excellent international platform to bring together Technology enthusiasts to a Centralized Knowledge Sharing Desk and provide an opportunity to the decision makers of Enterprises, Management teams, Business users, Data scientists, Software developers, and IT professionals to share and enlighten each other on the latest Technology trends and innovations, collaborate to build future strategies, and solve their most pressing technology issues.


Stage & Setup

To be a go-to source for understanding technology, business strategies, opportunities, and meet the expert persons in similar sector.

Expected Audience is more than 500 members

The event captures the attendee count of more than 500 members from companies around the world. Students are also allowed to present their research works, papers in front of the technical persons, gain knowledge in continuing the research, and other facets.

Conducted in the place known for pristine and mesmerizing nature

The IT Tech event is organized in the place known to be the jewels of Indian ocean. Andaman and Nicobar Islands drives aspirants around the globe for its pristine natural beauty. The morning walk around beach clears individual mindset and enable to present the best speech of his life.

Speakers from Industry Specialist as well as colleges

The selected speakers are from reputed companies who have shown exceptional talent during their presence and bestow the best to develop a company. The other candidate includes young graduates who are known to be the drivers of the future technological space.

Best platform to promote your brand

By investing in organizing the event allows to present your company in front of live audience, signage boards and a booth promoting your brand, and conducting fun activities such as digital coder, hackathon, etc. This will enable event visitors to know your presence and brand in that particular market.

Enjoy time learning and Sightseeing

Visit with family and spend your time in completing the business activities and fun time with your family. Know about the history of Indian Independence by visiting the museums, historical monuments, and British ruling during early independence moment. Sunrise and sunset near beach side, and numerous sea games.

Benefits of Participating in AndamanDEV

Build Connection with Professional World

With digitization gaining traction over the current approaches of achieving the desired tasks, it is required to interconnect with each other and deliver efficient solutions. AndamanDEV, specifically designed to promote communication with IT technological sector, enable participants to share their thoughts and present the technological offerings that is simplifying the needs of day-to-day lives. A personal and group discussion helps to know each other better and enable opportunities to work together in the challenging environment.

Build Your or Company Profile

Know your audience, interact with them, get opportunity to discuss and share the views with individual though process. It is the best platform that enable your presence in the market and exchange the words that speak about your business, building profile, and understanding the preset market scenario’s.

Intelligent Promotion

Promote your company in front of the right target market. Instead of marketing through various means, AndamanDEV is the best platform to connect with the right audience, reduce the overall cost, and direct approach with business specialists, industrial experts, and firms.

Talent Recognition

Showcase your talent and ideas IN front of the experts and be a step ahead in the crowdsourced platform. This is the right opportunity for students, graduates, and entrepreneurs to grab the attention of companies and convince to help them in the path of successful endeavor.

Create a Bond

Be the charioteer of your company and build a strong relationship with industry path-breakers such as Microsoft, IBM, and so on.

Be Globally Noticed

The data and information from your end will be scattered across endpoints in the form of words from the attendees and company professionals and news feed.


Be a part of the Technology Hub

You can be a developer, an IT Professional, a Database Analyst, or a Data Scientist, on a large or small team, AndamanDEV is minutely crafted for every person in IT, with any experience level, and technical understanding. You can be a part of this Technology learning experience and be inspired to achieve more. You also get the opportunity for you to interact with the Keynote speakers, Technical experts, Insiders, Conference presenters and enjoy the camaraderie, while building a strong network of technology expertise leveraging the joy in real-time communication and relaxed atmosphere.

Conference Participation

AndamanDEV invites every person interested in technology innovations to be a part of this unique Technology Event. You can be a part in any one of the following ways:

Be the Voice: Be the representative of your company and an authority to interact with the live audience.

Be globally noticed: Be visible on the Signage, Event bags, Session screens, E-mail, Website, and direct mail reaching over a wide range of audience across the globe

Participate in Demonstrations: Present Live demonstrations about your product/service to conference explaining the benefits and the company proposition offerings.

Get to know others: Enjoy the extravagant luncheon in person with the innovators and news makers of the industry.

Get ready to Learn: Capitalize on the international Platform to impart and absorb knowledge with prospective customers.

Create a Bond: Be the charioteer of your company and build a strong relationship with industry path-breakers such as Microsoft, IBM, and so on.

Build a thriving Ecosystem: Enhance your prospective client lists.

Promote to Profit: Garner personal, positive, real and actionable leads that will result in short term sales and long-term customers.

Live Demo

AndamanDEV recognizes the connections between Information Technology and Data Science in every Engineering industry bringing in disruptive technology innovations that are enhancing the way we live and staying abreast with the technology transformation. The conference is going to be greatly remembered for bringing together the following disciplines and building a strategic position in:

Mechanical EngineeringIT Electrical EngineeringIT Civil EngineeringIT Automobile EngineeringIT Bio-TechnologyIT Allied Health Sciences and IT The IT Studio Data Science Labs on Industry 4.0

Get an opportunity to enhance your company branding and your product positioning infront of the most influential buyers and influencers, across industries, in the market today. AndamanDEV welcomes you to make use of their Sponsorships and Exhibiting opportunities. You have multiple exhibit and sponsor packages available, or you can build your own program based on the individual opportunities. AndamanDEV also provides customized packages on the basis of your company needs, target audience, and business needs.


Here’s what employees at top companies are learning:


Machine Learning
Data Analysis
Data Visualization


Product Management
Team Management


Software Architecture



Key Insights

State-of-art Technology

Gain expertise knowledge on your specific field of practise. Build your knowledge base and get updated with the current trend and technologies

Connect and enjoy

Seize the opportunities that ITDev provides you in order to connect with other technology firms and experts. Meet with the top leaders of the industry and share your experiences.

The future surrounds you

Learn about the current and future industry trends and gain insights that will impact your business going forward.



The research talk inspires students with the right study line, enhance skills, presentation and communication elements, & refine their ideas with existing as well as upcoming concepts.


Empowers companies with knowledge on unmatched network opportunities, learn from Industry Masters, calibrate the pitches, & keep up with the latest and greatest trends of the time


Caters a platform to showcase their talent and share their knowledge to the audience, enhance their credibility factor, and polish the networking opportunities

The exclusive event for the accounting firms of the future

ITDev is an exclusive event with innovative contents for the leaders of the accounting firms of the future. The biggest event in Andaman aimed at the digital transformation of the accounting firms. An unforgettable experience

The latest technology for accounting firms

An event with exclusive contents about technology, marketing, and current news that will inspire you as an accounting firm leader. Discover new techniques and resources that will help you optimize costs and generate new business opportunities.

The best experts share their knowledge

We are joining the best experts for you to discover the keys to overcome the most important challenge in order to be competitive: The digital transformation. Open the doors of your firm to the leaders of the sector and feel how their experiences will help you both in your personal and professional life.


IT2021 Speakers

Stay tuned for more - we’ll be announcing more speakers in the coming weeks.

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